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Stihl iMow Robotic Lawn Mower RMI 422 P


Pick-up at your closest Martin Deerline location.

The iMow® robotic mowers independently ensure a perfectly cut lawn. And they do so extremely rapidly. Equipped with a powerful battery, the RMI 422 P can handle lawns up to 1000 m² (0.25 acre) and gradients up to 40 percent. iMow® is available in limited regions of Canada and sold and serviced at specially trained and authorized Dealers. Use the STIHL Dealer Locator to find your nearest iMow® Dealer. Featured price does not include installation.

Maximum Lawn Area m2 / sq ft 1,700 / 18,000
Average Run Time (per charge) (mins) 60
Power (w) 60
Weight (Including Battery) (lbs) 22
Maximum Grade (Slope) (%) 40
Average Charging Time (mins) 90
Maximum Cutting Height (cm) 6
Average Mowing Duration (per week) (Hours) 28
Battery Capacity (wh) 80
Battery Amp Hours (Ah) 4.5