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Orders over $50 receive a free Martin Deerline hat. Ends July 30, while supplies last.

Stihl Lithium Ion Battery AK 20


Compatible with the tools in the STIHL AK System, the AK 20 is a lightweight 36 V lithium-ion battery. It features a charge level indicator on the top with four LEDs, so you can see how much charge you have left quickly and easily, at the touch of a button. 

STIHL lithium-ion batteries are designed to deliver long run times without the capacity decreasing significantly. The unique design of STIHL's lithium-ion batteries keep even the most demanding tools of the line-up running at full speed. When the time comes to power up, the full line of chargers are ready and will switch off automatically once your battery is fully charged. Our batteries are designed to last even after 500 charges, the battery retains over 80% capacity. Our batteries include specialized voltage monitors and temperature sensors to help ensure optimal operation and a long service life.