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Stihl Yard Boss® Trimmer FS-MM

SKU 46017404610

Pick-up at your closest Martin Deerline location.

Now you can turn your STIHL YARDBOSS® into a quality wheeled trimmer, adding ease and convenience to your trimming tasks – all for much less than the cost of a dedicated trimmer mower. The STIHL FS-MM trimmer attachment features a dependable STIHL AutoCut® 25-2 trimmer head for precision cutting tasks. To advance the line, just tap the trimmer head against the ground. Need to change the trimmer head? The FS-MM trimmer head is designed to be removed and replaced with a wide range of STIHL trimmer heads, including STIHL SuperCut™, FixCut™, DuroCut and more! Note: Must be used with wheel kit.

Weight kg / lbs 0.9 / 2.0